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Buying Premier League Tickets:
Will You Need a Membership?

Whenever you try to buy Premier League tickets, especially at one of the big clubs, you will run into these things called memberships. But what are they? And do you have to buy a membership to get a ticket for English soccer? The answer to the second question is, Often you do. But let’s back up […]

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English Soccer Tour: Visiting Newcastle

When you’re in Newcastle, it’s nearly impossible to get away from Newcastle United. Sure, on occasion you’ll come across someone who doesn’t follow football, or who drifted off when they got relegated, but even then, they seem to know what’s going on with the club. As a symbol, there’s none more appropriate than St. James […]

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Guest Post:
MLS Supporter Culture

Today we have a guest post from Austin Long, a Manchester United fan living in Atlanta. He has a particular interest in kits (aka jerseys) and is the host of a great podcast I have appeared on a couple of times; it’s called The Soccer Nomad. I asked him to contribute something to the blog, so […]

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Reader Report: Dean From Canada visits Fleetwood Town

One of the things I’ve loved so much about planning trips to see soccer in England is this: As I have continued to write blog posts all about it, I have started to get emails from other people who want to go see a game in England. In fact, I now offer consulting services to […]

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