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English Soccer Hospitality Packages and Guide Services: How Does All This Work?

Over on my Consulting Services Page, I list several ways in which I can help you plan your English soccer adventure. Among those options are: a VIP/Hospitality experience Personal guiding services. How does the VIP/Hospitality Service work, and what does it cost? A hospitality package (details here) is simply a ticket to a game — sometimes a […]

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Buying Premier League Tickets:
Will You Need a Membership?

Whenever you try to buy Premier League tickets, especially at one of the big clubs, you will run into these things called memberships. But what are they? And do you have to buy a membership to get a ticket for English soccer? The answer to the second question is, Often you do. But let’s back up […]

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Who Got Promoted and Relegated This Season in English Soccer?

With the 2016-17 English football season now in the books, who got relegated, and who got promoted? The season formally ended on Monday May 29 — Memorial Day in the States — with the “richest game in world football” at Wembley Stadium. It was a complete dud, 120 minutes of 0-0 non-action, and then Huddersfield Town took […]

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Dean From Canada Checks Out Everton FC

Reader Dean from Canada, who previously went for some VIP treatment at Fleetwood Town, returned recently to check out an Everton game at Goodison Park in Liverpool. First, some of our back-and-forth leading up to his trip. Dean: My son and I will be staying in Garstang, Lancashire for friday and saturday night and hoping to […]

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