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Buying Premier League Tickets:
Will You Need a Membership?

Whenever you try to buy Premier League tickets, especially at one of the big clubs, you will run into these things called memberships. But what are they? And do you have to buy a membership to get a ticket for English soccer? The answer to the second question is, Often you do. But let’s back up […]

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Watching Soccer in England: Big Holiday Plans

I just love planning trips to see soccer in England. And right now I’m planning a doozy for December and January. Since people have been emailing me lately about planning their own English soccer trips, and since I have already offered some general trip-planning advice, I thought I would follow up with the details of […]

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Some of the Characters You’ll Meet at an English Soccer Game

Since the last English soccer game I attended, Fulham at Bolton, was in some ways quite a bummer, I spent the time making notes on the various characters one encounters in the stands at a match. And so, my (mostly) American friends, allow me to introduce you to the many faces of the English soccer […]

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Dean From Canada Checks Out Everton FC

Reader Dean from Canada, who previously went for some VIP treatment at Fleetwood Town, returned recently to check out an Everton game at Goodison Park in Liverpool. First, some of our back-and-forth leading up to his trip. Dean: My son and I will be staying in Garstang, Lancashire for friday and saturday night and hoping to […]

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