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Top English Soccer Derbies, 2017-18 Season

When, and what, are the top English soccer derbies for the 2017-18 season? To answer that, let’s start with something more basic: What the hell is a derby? (Skip ahead to the 2017-18 Derby List) A derby — which is pronounced “darby,” not like they do it in Kentucky — is just a rivalry, usually […]

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Getting Away Tickets to English Soccer

Occasionally, when I am working with somebody who wants to see one of the big Premier League teams play, the subject of getting an away ticket comes up. “If getting tickets to a game at Liverpool is so hard,” the theory goes, “why not just go see them play somewhere else?” It’s pretty simple: as […]

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Watching Soccer Games in England: FAQ From an American Expert

Watching soccer in England is a truly enjoyable experience. I’ve done quite a lot of it myself, making it to 64 games at more than 50 clubs, including every club in the Premier League. Along the way, I have learned a few things, which I would like to share here. If you’d like to know more and perhaps […]

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Dean From Canada Checks Out Everton FC

Reader Dean from Canada, who previously went for some VIP treatment at Fleetwood Town, returned recently to check out an Everton game at Goodison Park in Liverpool. First, some of our back-and-forth leading up to his trip. Dean: My son and I will be staying in Garstang, Lancashire for friday and saturday night and hoping to […]

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