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Is it safe to go to English soccer games?

The whole thing about safety at English soccer games is one I get a lot. I even I get comments about “running with the hooligans.” And the answers are yes to the first, no to the second. While there are certainly some rowdy boys here and there, you’ll hardly ever see them, and I have […]

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On the Soccer Road Again:
February 2017 Tour

I feel like I’m getting pretty good at planning trips to see English soccer. That sounds like bragging, I suppose, but it’s true. A couple of years ago, all I really knew about was the Premier League, and finding my way to a game at West Bromwich Albion felt like a cultural adventure outside my […]

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Reader Report: Joe Sees a Game at Liverpool

When Joe got in touch with me, he knew he wanted to see a Liverpool game at Anfield. And as it happens, I have several Liverpool hospitality packages for sale. The result was that Joe had a day that he describes as “surreal,” with great seats and a great match. What’s not to love? It […]

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