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Where to Sit at an English Soccer Game

If you are trying to see a soccer game in England, the first challenge is picking which one to go to. Next, of course, is getting in, which will be a hassle if you’re stuck on big-club Premier League tickets. But once you’re in, and especially if you have any choices at all, you should […]

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Comparing the England and MLS Fan Experiences

I was recently asked to do a blog post for The Soccer Nomad, a terrific site that also has a podcast I’ve been on a couple of times. The topic is comparing the experience of watching soccer in England to watching it in the States. Here is what I came up with. You can also […]

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Reader Report: Josh and Jennifer See a Game at Everton FC

Back at the start of this season, I helped a blog reader named Josh see a Premier League game at Everton FC in Liverpool. As it happens, though, this wasn’t just any old game. This was the return of Mr. Wayne Rooney, former Evertonian, then Manchester United and England legend, and now back home at […]

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