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Can’t Buy Premier League Tickets?
Consider a Hospitality Package

I have written a lot about getting tickets to Premier League games, because that is the “holy grail” for most US soccer fans. But sometimes you just can’t get that ticket, either because it’s a big game, it’s late in the process, or it’s one of those clubs where it is just about impossible, no matter […]

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Why Does Top Four in the Premier League Matter?

If you are fairly new to watching English soccer, you could certainly be forgiven for wondering why on Earth people would care about finishing in the top four in the Premier League. After all, nowhere in America is finishing fourth considered any sort of success. That it is a lofty aspiration for many an English soccer […]

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Reader Report: Dean From Canada visits Fleetwood Town

One of the things I’ve loved so much about planning trips to see soccer in England is this: As I have continued to write blog posts all about it, I have started to get emails from other people who want to go see a game in England. In fact, I now offer consulting services to […]

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