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Watching Soccer in England: Best Times To Go, 2015-16 Season

If you’re planning a trip to watch soccer in England, one of the big questions is, What’s the best time to go? Or, if you’ve got a trip planned and want to know what games are on, you need some kind of reference. Fear not, my fellow non-Brits, for I have done my homework. Below […]

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Some More Terms to Know While Watching English Soccer

As I watch English soccer games on TV and in person, I am constantly taking note of words and expressions that I don’t hear anywhere else – phrases that you might wonder about, if you didn’t think about this stuff as much as I do. I am writing a book about the game, and one […]

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Reader Report: David and Maryann See Manchester United at Southampton

I love helping people plan their English soccer adventures. Even when I don’t actually sell them Premier League tickets, I sometimes just consult with them about which game to check out and how to go about it. In David’s case, he is a Man U fan, and his wife Maryann wanted a little comfort with […]

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