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Watching Soccer Games in England: FAQ From an American Expert

Watching soccer in England is a truly enjoyable experience. I’ve done quite a lot of it myself, making it to 64 games at more than 50 clubs, including every club in the Premier League. Along the way, I have learned a few things, which I would like to share here. If you’d like to know more and perhaps […]

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Watching Soccer in England: What Does it Cost?

Lately I’ve gotten a version of this question quite a bit: How much does watching soccer in England cost? I thought I’d take a shot at answering it here. (Note: This post has been updated for the 2017-18 season) I have been to more than 50 games at more than 40 clubs in England, so […]

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When Are the International Breaks for 2017-18?

One concept that some Americans struggle with, when learning about English soccer, is the International Break. An international break is a time when many leagues of Europe — usually the top two leagues in each country — take a weekend off so that their players can go home and play for their national teams. This […]

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April and Garrett See a Game at Manchester City

I love helping people out with Premier League tickets and hospitality packages. In the latest “Reader Report” from soccer adventures I’ve helped out with, April and her boyfriend Garrett saw Manchester City play Arsenal at The Etihad in Manchester. In their case, the package they chose was just a couple of seats in the upper […]

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