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Quick Look at the 2018-19 Premier League Schedule

The 2018-19 Premier League schedule, which they call a “fixtures list” over there, is now out. Let’s take a quick look. First, though, a couple of quick reminders. All of these games are now set for Saturdays at 3 p.m. Many of those will change to other times that weekend to be on television; these […]

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When Are the International Breaks for 2017-18?

One concept that some Americans struggle with, when learning about English soccer, is the International Break. An international break is a time when many leagues of Europe — usually the top two leagues in each country — take a weekend off so that their players can go home and play for their national teams. This […]

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On The Magic of English Soccer’s FA Cup

Why on Earth is mighty Manchester United having to play in front of 9,000 people at Yeovil Town? It’s all about the magic of the FA Cup, for me the best competition in English soccer.

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My Newcastle United Hospitality Package

Newcastle United are one of my favorite Premier League clubs to visit, and the city that loves them one of my favorites in England. I am always trying to convince people to head up there, three hours from London by train, and recently the Ryans from the US took the trip. It happens they were […]

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