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Why is it so hard to buy Premier League tickets?

I get a lot of emails that basically go like this: “I am going to be in England in a few weeks and want to buy Premier League tickets. Can you help?” The short answer, for tickets, is almost certainly “No.” But there is a path to “yes.” So I thought I would take a moment […]

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English Soccer Travel Costs:
A Few Words About Travel Hacking

If you are planning a trip to watch soccer in England, or if you just want to work a game or two into your existing vacation, there are many questions you will need to answer. I have tried to anticipate some of these: What will it cost? When is a good time to go? Which […]

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Top English Soccer Derbies, 2017-18 Season

When, and what, are the top English soccer derbies for the 2017-18 season? To answer that, let’s start with something more basic: What the hell is a derby? (Skip ahead to the 2017-18 Derby List) A derby — which is pronounced “darby,” not like they do it in Kentucky — is just a rivalry, usually […]

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April and Garrett See a Game at Manchester City

I love helping people out with Premier League tickets and hospitality packages. In the latest “Reader Report” from soccer adventures I’ve helped out with, April and her boyfriend Garrett saw Manchester City play Arsenal at The Etihad in Manchester. In their case, the package they chose was just a couple of seats in the upper […]

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