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English Soccer Hospitality Packages and Guide Services: How Does All This Work?

Over on my Consulting Services Page, I list several ways in which I can help you plan your English soccer adventure. Among those options are: a VIP/Hospitality experience Personal guiding services. How does the VIP/Hospitality Service work, and what does it cost? A hospitality package (details here) is simply a ticket to a game — sometimes a […]

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English Soccer Travels:
Hanging Out in Swansea

As I keep working on my book about English soccer, I figure I need to see everybody who is going to be in the Premier League for the next season. And for this reason, I’ve been keeping my eye on Swansea City. Throughout the 2016-17 season, they were in danger of relegation, especially during an […]

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Is it safe to go to English soccer games?

The whole thing about safety at English soccer games is one I get a lot. I even I get comments about “running with the hooligans.” And the answers are yes to the first, no to the second. While there are certainly some rowdy boys here and there, you’ll hardly ever see them, and I have […]

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Reader Report: Dean From Canada visits Fleetwood Town

One of the things I’ve loved so much about planning trips to see soccer in England is this: As I have continued to write blog posts all about it, I have started to get emails from other people who want to go see a game in England. In fact, I now offer consulting services to […]

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