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English Soccer Travels:
What to See and Do in Burton-Upon-Trent

I have designated a new rule for my English soccer travels: that if all you know about a place is what Wikipedia or TripAdvisor tell you, then you don’t know anything about it, and you need to go there. I will call it the Huddersfield Rule, after having a defining such experience there on a […]

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Study The Game

What About the “Ladies” Game in England?

In another excerpt from my book, I describe a bit about women’s soccer in England. Let’s briefly discuss the ladies, as they are always called in England. It’s also nice to talk about something America kicks ass at. Women’s soccer in England is roughly 50 years old. It was around before that – in fact, […]

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Hospitality Packages

Checking Out My Arsenal Hospitality Package

As part of my English soccer ticket and consulting services, I sell a lot of hospitality packages to Arsenal FC matches. So I thought I would put together a blog post showing exactly what that package is. My Arsenal hospitality package consists of: A seat in blocks 72 to 76, club level just above and […]

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