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Watching Soccer Games in England: FAQ From an American Expert

Watching soccer in England is a truly enjoyable experience. I’ve done quite a lot of it myself, making it to 80 games at 54 different clubs, including every club in the Premier League. Along the way, I have learned a few things, which I would like to share here. If you’d like to know more and perhaps get […]

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Manchester: An Incredible Hub for English Soccer Trips

As I write this, I am in Manchester, preparing for a game tonight in Wigan. And when I realized how close Wigan is to town, I thought, “How many other English soccer clubs are close to Manchester?” The answer? A lot. If you’re a typical American tourist, you will probably be spending much, if not […]

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Some of the Characters You’ll Meet at an English Soccer Game

Since the last English soccer game I attended, Fulham at Bolton, was in some ways quite a bummer, I spent the time making notes on the various characters one encounters in the stands at a match. And so, my (mostly) American friends, allow me to introduce you to the many faces of the English soccer […]

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Chelsea FC Hospitality Options

Going to see a game at Chelsea FC in London is, for me, one of the top Premier League experiences. But tickets can be tough, so one good option is the hospitality package. Here’s a look at the ones I sell through my consulting services. First, just a quick glance at what seeing a game […]

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