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2017-18 English Soccer Promotions, Relegations and Playoffs

Who has gone up, gone down or made the playoffs in English soccer this year? Post on the 2017-18 Playoffs is here In this post I am going to track all the promotions, relegations and playoffs at the end of the 2017-18 season, along with a few notes on each. If you’re interested, here is […]

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When is the English Soccer Schedule Announced?

As this season’s Premier League campaign winds down, and all the other leagues of English soccer head towards their own conclusions, it is time to think about the 2018-19 English soccer season. But when is the schedule for next season announced? The answer to that is June 14 for the Premier League and June 21 […]

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What Does it Mean to “Go to Wembley”?

If you are getting into watching English soccer for the first time, you have probably noticed there are a lot of words and phrases you don’t know; it’s like a language and subculture all its own, and one of the key phrases, indeed aspirations of the land, is to “Go to Wembley.” Of course, there […]

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Reader Report: How to Buy Tickets for West Ham United

I get requests all the time from people looking to buy Premier League tickets. Most often, they are focused on Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal and Chelsea. Sometimes, though, they just want to see some games, and are willing to move “downscale,” let’s say, to get tickets. Those top Premier League clubs can be hard to […]

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