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The 2017-18 English Soccer Playoffs

At the end of every English Football League season, teams go up (promotion), go down (relegation), and go into the playoffs. I have a whole post about who has already been promoted and relegated, which I am keeping updated. So who is in the Football League playoffs? When are the games? How can I watch […]

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The 2018-19 English and European Soccer Schedule

Here is a summary of the 2018-2019 English and European soccer schedule. Updated August 8: Now that schedules are actually out, this is final. It even includes an actual result! I have included: International breaks when there are no Premier League or Championship games. These are official from FIFA Round dates for the UEFA Champions […]

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Things You’ll Love About Seeing Soccer in England

I believe that Americans, who already seem to love watching English soccer on TV, will absolutely fall for it when they see it in person. And here are some reasons why. This is also listed in my book, The Groundhopper’s Guide to Soccer in England; get your signed copy today! Stadiums in the Middle of Town Americans […]

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Manchester City Hospitality: The 93:20 Lounge

Often, the only fully legal way to see a Premier League game is via a hospitality package. And among Premier League clubs, Manchester City has some surprisingly affordable hospitality packages — especially when you compare them to Manchester United, and when you consider that City are far and away the best team in the Premier […]

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