The 2019-20 edition of my English soccer guidebook, The Groundhopper’s Guide to Soccer in England, now has a cover.

Up above is the full file — back, front and spine — but I also have images of just the front and back.

The book should be available online by August 15. You can also pre-order a signed copy from me in my online store.

You can check out this year’s Table of Contents here.

Here’s a sample chapter on Gillingham FC.

This cover and the internal layout were done by Olivia Croom and Vinnie Kinsella, respectively, at Indigo.

Click on each image to expand it:

2019-20 Groundhopper’s Guide Front Cover

Can you name the clubs in each photo? Across the front row it’s Manchester City (pretty easy), Forest Green Rovers (really easy) and Norwich City. The second row is Liverpool, Queens Park Rangers and Crystal Palace.

Here’s the back, featuring the rest of that City photo in a “wrap-around” format:

2019-20 Groundhopper’s Guide Back Cover

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