Elm Hill Lane

As part of a spring 2017 English soccer tour, when I saw five games in five cities over 10 days, I spent a “day off” exploring the beautiful city of Norwich.

After spending the previous day at the blistering East Anglian Derby, this was a pleasant way to spend a typically drizzly day seeing the sights of a really impressive city. Here are some photos. Click on any of them to see them full-sized.

Crossing the river just outside the train station.

The Compleat Angler is a great name for a pub — also the pub of choice for away fans on game day.

Lovely shopping arcade, in which I discovered …

The Colman’s Mustard Shop and Museum! I had no idea it was actually “Colman’s of Norwich.”

Mustard goodies.

Tins from the 19th Century

Mustard cake, anyone? ( I didn’t try it.)

Love me an outdoor market!

Possibly the most English site of my whole tour.

Into the market.

Seemed a popular spot.

Mmmm, mushy peas!


Inside St. Peter’s near the market

St. Peter’s organ

Stained glass detail

The incredible Forum across from the church replaced the library that burned down.

In the Library is a special collection honoring the American Air Force that was all over this area in the war.

I mean, I have to walk down here, right?

Into the medieval Norwich Lanes, where I found …

The famous (and 100-year-old) Grosvenor Fish Bar.

Really cool place.

Underground seating, this part in a cave!

Absolutely the best fish and chips I’ve ver had.

Heading into the world famous 11th Century Norwich Cathedral


Western entrance and stained glass window

They were preparing for a funeral.

Still beautiful!

Organ and choir

Labyrinth in the abbey yard

I walked all the way around it, finding this nice view and cedar tree.

And also this lovely little Adam and Eve Pub!

Had to relax a bit for a lemonade.

Perfect little room with a fireplace.

Back across the river.

The almost perfectly preserved Elm Hill Lane, where many a medieval movie scene has been shot.

Elm Hill Lane

Former industrial sites along the rivers and canals

Hidden little tea room down a side alley

Crrrrazy shop by the tea room

Look, another beautiful bridge over a lovely body of water!

That place Jarrold’s again — founded in 1810!

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