With Tottenham Hotspur having another good season in the Premier League, and working on a new stadium, what is it like buying tickets to a Spurs home game?

Kickoff of Tottenham vs Manchester City at Wembley Stadium. See the upper deck?

The short answer, for right now, is “really easy.” That’s because they are playing at Wembley Stadium while they finish up their new stadium at White Hart Lane. Wembley holds some 90,000 people, and Spurs have only been averaging about 60,000 people per home game. This makes tickets pretty easy to get.

I keep a Spurs membership, and recently when they played Manchester City at home, I was able to get a pretty good seat in the lower bowl. That membership cost me about £30, and the ticket was £75, so in total that game ran me something like $130 US. I didn’t need the membership, since tickets could be had in the upper tier even for non-members — even on the day of the game — but I wanted good seats with my usual good view of the away fans.

How Long Will Spurs Play at Wembley?

This is the $1 billion question at the moment. They said they would be in the new place in September, then December, and now … who knows? “Maybe March” is the latest trend in media coverage (as of the date of this post, December 3). But they have secured a deal to play at Wembley through the season, as a backup plan.

At the moment nobody really knows when Spurs will move into the new stadium.

What Will Buying Spurs Tickets Be Like in the New Place?

The new, and still being built, White Hart Lane.

The new White Hart Lane will hold 60,000 fans, which is about what they are drawing at the moment. So I suspect tickets won’t be as impossible as they often are for big Premier League clubs. On the other hand, when the new place opens there will be a lot of interest in checking it out. Also, as is always the case, a big-name opponent will make things tougher. And getting to and from Wembley is a hassle, so that fact — combined with a relative lack of atmosphere in that cavernous bowl — might be limiting their draw, as well.

What About Tottenham Hospitality Packages?

An FA Cup Semifinal, seen from Club Wembley seats.

As always, getting a hospitality package is an option for Spurs home games. At Wembley, this means sitting in the “Club Wembley” 200 level, the middle tier with an amazing concourse behind it filled with food and drink options. The packages I sell include lounge access, a food voucher and a chance to meet Spurs “legends.”

At the new place, I will have four levels available:

  • The lowest price will be general admission seats in the upper tier on the side.
  • The next two levels offer lounge access before and after the game, food voucher, free drinks at halftime, and Spurs legends. Both packages are in the middle tier, and there’s a slight difference in price, one for corner seats and one for a spot around the top of the penalty area.
  • The highest level at the new place will be for luxury seats down on pitch level on the midfield stripe, with the same perks as above.

Getting into a Premier League game is always a challenge, especially for big clubs like Tottenham Hotspur. While their new stadium will certainly make things easier on the ticket front than it was at the old place, it will nonetheless be harder than it is at Wembley at the moment.

Still, we’re going to have an exciting new stadium to check out, and Spurs will always be one of the biggest draws in the Premier League.

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