Groundhopper Soccer Guides — that’s me – has a new YouTube channel, where I post videos from my English soccer travels.

Having seen 95 games at 59 different grounds in the UK, I have come up with some decent videos, most of them from my eternal desire to sit with a good view of the away fans.

Check out my new YouTube channel.

Just as a teaser, here are three of the most-viewed videos I have posted.

Harry Kane with a late winner for Spurs at Aston Villa, November 2014:

Sunderland with a late (apparent) winner vs Manchester United in front of their 9,000 fans at Old Trafford, 2014 League Cup:

Everton equalize in front of their fans against Liverpool at Anfield, January 2018 in the FA Cup:

Does that make you want to go? It should! Here are some ways to move in that direction:

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