Would you like this to be your (or our) seat?

Your planning assistant, hospitality source, and guide.

Over on my Consulting Services Page, I list several ways in which I can help you plan your English soccer adventure.

Among those options are:

  • a VIP/Hospitality experience
  • Personal guiding services.

How does the VIP/Hospitality Service work, and what does it cost?

A hospitality package (details here) is simply a ticket to a game — sometimes a seat in a box or suite — combined with other features like a meal, access to a bar, stadium tour or hotel room. I am an official reseller of these packages.

Prices on these vary from game to game and package to package, but the way it works is this:

  1. You tell me which games(s) you’re interested in.
  2. I research the options and send you a quote with all the options; availability is as of that date, and prices are guaranteed for seven days.
  3. If you would like, we jump on the phone to talk details.
  4. If you decide to buy, I give you a final price, and once you state that’s what you want, the sale is final.
  5. I invoice you through PayPal.
  6. You pay that invoice.
  7. Delivery is either an emailed voucher or hard tickets delivered to your UK hotel.

How does the Guide Service work, and what does it cost?

This one is even simpler. We simply talk through everything you’re looking for, and I quote you a price. Once we agree on a final package of services (and perhaps Hospitality Packages) and a final price, I invoice you through PayPal, and we’re off.

What Other Services Are Available?

I also have two much simpler ways to help:

  • a “Phoner,” in which I do some research, we jump on the phone, you pick my brain, and I make all sorts of suggestions specific to your trip
  • a “Planner,” which is a Phoner plus I do even more research, I send you a detailed document loaded with information and suggestions, then we have another Phoner and I keep helping as I can. These first two are just purchased through PayPal on my Consulting Page.

You can buy a Phoner or Planner on my consulting page now!

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