The away end

Since I’ve seen so many soccer games in England, and since I love helping people do the same, it’s only natural that at some point I simply invite people to come along.

That’s why I am now introducing my first-ever soccer tour of England, over the 2018-19 holiday season.

This could be us!

The idea is simple: I’m going to games anyway, because the holidays are an awesome time to go see soccer in England, and maybe you want to come along. See games, tour stadiums, meet fans and hang out with fellow groundhoppers!

I am still working on the details, because we need the TV schedule changes to be announced on October 12, but the tour will start on December 28 or 29 and go through January 3, with essentially a game every night.

There could be train travel, but we will basically be in and around London and the Manchester/Liverpool area. We will see Premier League games but also Championship games and maybe even lower leagues than that. I will search through the schedule for the right combination of attractive matchup, cool stadium, great atmosphere, and fun place to visit.

Then I’ll put it all together — game tickets, train tickets as necessary and hotel rooms — and come up with a price. Simple.

But wait — there’s more! You don’t even have to do the whole thing.

Maybe you just want to hit a game or two, and that’s totally cool. There will also be an “a la carte” option where you can pay per game. Or maybe you don’t want to crash at the hotel with us, or you’ll already be there and don’t need a train ticket — whatever! We’ll make it work.

I just look at it this way: Let’s go see some games together! I’ll pick the games and get the tickets, then set it all up, and each night we’ll have a crew and go to the game.

Interested? Get in touch! Let’s make this happen!

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