View from the top of the side stand.

Seeing a game at Tottenham Hotspur is always a prime target for groundhoppers visiting England. And with Spurs’ new stadium opening in April, there will be a lot of interest in the hospitality options at the new place.

So — with the disclaimer that as of this writing I have not actually been into the stadium at all — here are the four levels of hospitality I will be offering at Tottenham’s new stadium.

Here is a bit more on the new stadium.

And here is a seating chart to get us started (click to expand):

New Tottenham Seating Plan

Upper-Tier Seats on the Side

Not technically a hospitality option, since it’s just a seat in block 528. I used an interactive seat-view feature on to get this view from the upper part of the side stand. Block 528 would be a little to the left of this.

View from the top of the side stand.

Club-Level in the Corner: Block 312

This is the 312 you see on my seating map above. There is no seat view for this one on the site, so until I can get there and check it out, the map will have to suffice.

At this level and the next two, the benefits are listed as lounge access 3 hours before the match and 2 hours after; food voucher; halftime free bar; match program; meet Spurs legends.

I should point out that “Spurs Legends,” at least at this level, means someone you have probably not heard of unless you’re a pretty hard-core Spurs fan. In other words, Gary Lineker isn’t walking through that door!

Club-Level on the Side: Block 315

Again, check the map above. No seat view here, either, but the benefits (and, I assume the Legends) are the same.

On the Touchline: Blocks 002-003

Again, no official seat view, but the broker has this to offer:

Location and view for the East Lower package.

Here, the benefits are the same once again. Perhaps, having paid more, you’ll recognize the Legend, as well.

Tottenham Hospitality: Prices and Delivery

Delivery for all of these options is via email, probably around a week before the game. Payment to me is via PayPal invoice.

As for prices, I have only sent out one quote since the new stadium was announced, and that was for the Huddersfield game on April 13. Here are those prices, in US $ per person:

  • Upper tier on the side: $375
  • Block 312: $500
  • Block 315: $550
  • East Lower: $650

If you would like an updated hospitality quote on any Spurs home game in their new stadium, just get in touch!

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