The Emirates, home of Arsenal FC in London.

Premier League Fixtures Release Day is pretty much a holiday in my world. That’s the day the Premier League schedule for the 2017-18 season was announced, and we can all start planning trips. Sort of.

You see, the Premier League schedule is announced in June every year. And starting in July, they start changing it. Not much, at first, but later it can get confusing. Eventually, it’s pretty damn chaotic. But what changes? And why?

They Change it for Television

Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea FC in London.

Of course, the TV networks are a big and constant presence. When the schedule — “Fixtures List” in Brit Talk — is announced, all 10 games every week are Saturday at 3 p.m. Nice and simple, right? If only.

Next, the TV folks will move games around — typically, one to about Noon on Saturday, one to 5 p.m. Saturday, two or three to Sunday, and possibly one to Monday evening.

And when do they make these announcements? Approximately …

  • For August and September games: July 12
  • For October and November games: August 11
  • For December and January games: October 12
  • For February games: December 12
  • For March games: January 25
  • For April games: February 26
  • For May games: April 6
  • For the very last day: after everybody has played 37 games.

So if you’re making plans for one of those weekends, now you know when the schedule will be final. Mostly. Read on to get more confused.

They Change it for Domestic Cups

Folks insist on chasing these things — and messing up the schedule!

Most cup games are during the week, but sometimes they will mess up a weekend fixture.

FA Cup

On the first full weekend of January, the Premier League comes to a halt so all the teams can play in the Third Round of the FA Cup. After that, some weekends might be affected. Here is a list, along with when we should find out.

  • Weekend of January 6 — Third Round: All Premier League clubs in the FA Cup. We will know who is playing whom, and where, on December 4.
  • Weekend of January 27 — Fourth Round. We will know on January 8.
  • Weekend of February 17 — Fifth Round. We will know on January 29.
  • Weekend of March 10 — Quarterfinals. We will know on February 18.
  • Weekend of April 21 — Semifinals at Wembley. We will know on March 12.

There could also be replays after each round. I know, me too.

Carabao Cup

Kickoff at the Amex Community Stadium in Brighton, which is in the Premier League for 2017-18.

Most Premier League teams will start playing in the Third Round of the League Cup EFL Cup Carabao Cup on September 19 and 20. So these weekends might see changes in a Premier League club’s schedule, if they keep winning in that Cup:

  • Weekend of September 16
  • Weekend of October 21
  • Weekend of November 25
  • Weekend of January 6
  • Weekend of January 27
  • Weekend of February 24 — Cup Final

They Change it for European Competitions

UEFA Champions League

Old Trafford, home of Manchester United, who are back in Europe this year.

For the 2017-18 season, five English teams will play (and mostly lose) in Europe’s biggest competition: Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Manchester United. This will screw up some weekends.

For all these weekends, we will find out on August 24:

  • Weekends of September 9 and 23
  • Weekends of October 14 and 28
  • Weekend of November 18
  • Weekend of December 2

After that, stay tuned. My head already hurts.

UEFA Europa League

For the 2017-18 season, Arsenal and Everton will play in Europe’s NIT, the Europa League. We will start to find out what effect that will have on on August 25.

The Bottom Line — Get in Touch With Me!

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