Groundhop 1 will be at Wembley on Day 1 for Spurs v Wolverhampton.

Tottenham Hotspur have been building a new White Hart Lane Stadium, but there’s been confusion and delays all around its opening. Meanwhile, they’re playing at Wembley — but for how long?

Still Tottenham’s home through 2018

As of October 27, the club has announced that all Spurs home games in 2018 will be at Wembley.

This means that, for the 2018-19 festive season, Spurs will be at Wembley. Included in that are the Boxing Day game against Bournemouth and the December 29 game against Wolverhampton Wanderers. The latter is part of my Grondhop 1 English soccer tour.

To read more from Spurs on the stadium, check their official website.

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