One of the hardest things for Americans to adjust to with the Premier League schedule is that it changes after it’s announced. And one of the biggest reasons for this is television.

Not much chance of TV changes to a club like Bristol Rovers.

When the Premier league schedule, or “fixtures list,” first comes out every summer — it was June 14 this year, and here’s a quick look at it — all the games are listed as happening Saturday at 3 p.m. Obviously that isn’t how it winds up, because otherwise you’d have to choose one game to watch each week, and the networks and advertisers wouldn’t get to fleece you properly.

So, on a rolling basis throughout the season, they announce changes to the schedule. For example, on July 7 the changes for August and September came out. Games moved from Saturday at 3 to Friday evening, Saturday at noon, Saturday at 5:30, Sunday at 2, Sunday at 5, Monday evening, etc.

On August 7 they will do the same thing for the October games. And then it will go on:

  • For games in August and September: July 7, already done
  • For games in October and November: August 7
  • For games in December and January: October 12
  • For games in February: December 12
  • For games in March: January 25
  • For games in April: February 22
  • For games in May: April 5

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Why Else Would Games Move?

The Etihad, home of Manchester City and their Blue Moon.

Even after the TV changes are announced, there remains a chance a game will move. Mainly this would be because one club advanced in the FA Cup or the League Cup, but it could also be because they are in the Champions League or Europa League. And sometimes these games move to an entirely different weekend.

For example, last year Tottenham was scheduled to play Newcastle United at home in March, but then Spurs made the quarterfinals of the FA Cup and had a game at Swansea City that weekend, so their game with Newcastle was moved to May! If you had tickets to the March game, they would of course be honored in May, but if your tip to the UK was in March and you wanted to see that game, it was tough darts.

Shifting schedules: just another part of the grand adventure that is English football!

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