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If you are traveling to England in the summer of 2017 and want to watch some soccer in person, you will have a few options.

Briefly, the leagues start in early August, and before that there are preseason games. I will walk you through the league schedules as much as I can — I am writing this before the actual schedules have been announced — and then get you started on some London-area preseason matches.

League Games

Wembley Stadium hosts two big games this summer.

The Premier League starts the second weekend of August. The Football League (Championship, League One, League Two) starts the first weekend of August. That means there will be league games on all the weekends in August, and in one or two of those weeks there will be mid-week games.

The League Cup, which is now bizarrely known as the Carabao Cup — “for sponsorship reasons,” as they say over there — also starts the first full week of August. (Carabao is an energy drink, if you didn’t know.) So during the week starting August 7, there will be games during the week, as well. Stay tuned here for details.

Labor Day weekend, there will be no league games, as that is an international break. England have a World Cup Qualifier September 4 against Slovakia, at Wembley Stadium in London. Get tickets here.

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The Checkatrade Trophy, a minor competition at best, starts the week before Labor Day with games between League One and League Two teams, plus some Premier League and Championship under-21 sides. Nobody cares about the Checkatrade Trophy.

As for who is playing whom, Premier League fixtures for the season are announced on June 14. Fixtures for the EFL (the next three levels down) come out on June 21.

And finally, the Community Shield is on August 6 at Wembley. That will be Arsenal vs. Chelsea in an annual matchup between the current FA Cup winners and League Champions. Tickets are on Stubhub starting around $140, and I have Club Wembley hospitality seats starting at $275.

Preseason “Friendlies”

Southampton of the Premier League will visit Brentford in West London in July.

A friendly is what we Americans would call an exhibition game. All the clubs play them, and most are in England. Some of the bigger teams go all over the world, including to the US. I have a whole blog post about English teams playing in the US during the summer of 2017.

For now, I won’t even try to post all the games going on. I will try a list for London. If you want my help sorting through these, looking for others, and planning in general, I offer a 50% summer discount on my English Soccer Guide Consulting Services. Just enter the coupon code “summer.”)

London-Area Games, Summer 2017 (upper two leagues):

To really keep up with London-area soccer, you need to subscribe to the amazing blog The London Football Guide. What I have above is Premier League, Championship, and a smidge of League One. That dude covers everything.

 If you’re going to be anywhere else in England and want to look for soccer games, either search up the local teams, ask a local fan, or get in touch with me.

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